Review Gigs as Admin from Front-end – Free Modification for FiverrScript

Okay, I have got several requests for this simple modification, thought I will release it as a free modification as it is a single line of code and does not need to be charged for my clients. When you view your site gigs and you want to immediately edit something from that gig details, so as an admin, you need to go to manage gigs and then search for gigs and then edit the details of the specific gig. To save you from these efforts and precious time, just use the following code on your themes/view.tpl   {if $smarty.session.ADMINID eq … Continue reading

Redirect Admin Page When Sessions Out

I have been getting loads of emails and contact form request for this hack. I thought I will release this as a Free module for all fiverrscript sites. This is a simple hack for your fiverrscript site to redirect admin panel page if sessions out when you are on any of your admin page. 1. Open include/function/main.php a) Find ?> Add a new function before function redirect($to){     $hs = headers_sent();     if($hs === false){         header(‘Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0’);         header(“Location: $to”);     }elseif($hs == true){         echo “<script>document.location.href='”.htmlspecialchars($to).”‘</script>”;     }     exit(0); }   b) Find … Continue reading

FiverrScript Version 5.3 Released

On February 2014, FiverrScript released an important update, Version 5.3. This is a recommended updates as many security improvements have been updated especially on administrator files. So, don’t just forget to update / upgrade your script. Always remember to secure your site. You can just password protect your administrator folder and securely access your admin panel. Secondly, you can also rename the folder, so that rest of the Fiverr Script owners does not know your admin panel location, again this is for safety purpose and avoid of allowing some jerks who can actually harm your site. So, owners of FiverrScript, … Continue reading

General Fixes for FiverrScript – Part 1

I have found few fixes on bookmarks (stuff I like) page, thought I will fix those errors and share with FiverrScript Owners to fix the found issues. Issue No. 1 I was going through bookmarks page, that is Stuff I Like page, I found, when there are no bookmarks or stuff not collected from users, still the records shows as showing – of, check the screenshot below. To fix this issue, go to themes/bookmarks.tpl Find {$lang125} {$beginning} – {$ending} {$lang470} {$total} And Replace with {$lang125} {if $total gt 0}{$beginning} – {$ending} {$lang470} {$total}{else} 0 records{/if}   Issue No. 2 On the same page, when users … Continue reading

Buyer PayPal Transactional E-Mail for Fiverr Script Sites

When a buyer buys your site’s micro job, buyer does not get any confirmation mail about his/her payment transaction records to his/her email address. I have a modification where in after successful payment, an email goes to the buyer with following transactional information and also you could customize the email content as per your requirement. Features: Successful Payment Confirmation mail goes to buyer for PayPal Transactions. E-mail would contain: Micro Job Title Order Number Payment Amount made PayPal Transaction ID This modification is only for PayPal payments. 2 Mail formats included for multiple purchases and single micro job purchase. Compatible … Continue reading

Admin E-Mail Templates Settings Module for FiverrScript Sites

Many times we want to keep changing the email content when we send it to our users, so editing core files are time-consuming and not recommended. You can also keep changing the content if a word from email body content is sending the email to the recipient’s spam folder and not to Main Inbox. This module can save the lot of time and it gives you option to not to mess up with core files and of course you know the lot more benefits, more than I mention over here.   Features: All default E-Mail settings provided in Admin Panel. … Continue reading

PayPal Sandbox Settings Modification for FiverrScript Sites

Default FiverrScript has not provided sandbox settings to test PayPal gateway with demo for any purpose, so I have made modifications which will integrate on your fiverrscript core files to enable and disable sandbox settings to test PayPal payment gateway from your admin panel. When this helps? If you want to test some of your new integration or may be when you change your host or any server up-gradation from your existing host, this modification comes in real handy. You can do actual testing how real PayPal payment gateway works by enabling sandbox account from your admin panel. You need … Continue reading

Adding Footer Copyright Current Year Variable in Smarty

If you want to show your copyright year in your site footer, then add the following variable in your footer.tpl file. Copyright &copy; 2012-{$|date_format:date(“Y”)} In the future years, the variable will change to current year. For example: 2012-2015 by next year. Use this simple trick to avoid, adding or changing “Year” every year manually. If you find this useful, don’t forget to thank me in the comments below. Good Luck Spidey    

SMTP E-Mail Settings Modification for Fiverr Clone Sites

All mails are currently use phpmail function in FiverrScript to send out any email from your server. This modification will surely help you to send e-mails with SMTP settings. We could force all e-mails to be sent by using SMTP settings. I am not going to explain the benefits of SMTP e-mail out here, as you all know, how important it is. When you use SMTP settings to send out e-mails, then there are chances of getting your e-mail delivered to Inbox, but its not guaranteed as it also counts the subject and message body content which can prevent delivering … Continue reading

Editable Languages Modification for Fiverr Script Sites

To change a single word, every time, logging in to your server is time consuming and annoying. This modification helps you to save your time and mostly not spoiling the core files by editing or adding unlimited language phrases from your admin panel. All languages are editable in all available languages from FiverrScript developers.         Features: You can manage all available language (see screenshot below) You can add unlimited language phrases from your admin panel. You can edit all your available and newly created language phrase by you or from FiverrScript developers. Compatible with all Fiverr Script … Continue reading

Rotate Gig Image Mod for FiverrScript Sites

Adding interesting styling is one of the good trick on your site to attract more visitors and to make them come back again and again. This mod rotates images in 360 degree angle and quite a interesting mod. This modification will be shown on Home Page, Category Page, Search Page, Tags Page, User Page. Option to set different angles to rotate, say for example: if you want to rotate to 180 degree only then you can set this option or may be 90 degrees. Anything is possible. You can watch the video below and see that how the mod works … Continue reading

Time Based Greeting Mod for FiverrScript Sites

You ever wished to show your members time based greetings when they log on to your micro job site, this mod will help you to show a time based greeting to your member. Time based Greeting Mod can be shown anywhere on the site, but this mod only will be installed on home page, if you want, you can replicate and install and show anywhere on your site. Features: Shows username with the time based greeting. Fully Customizable. Manual Combustible option. Admin Panel Customization option. (**Based on the request) Free Support and Updates Screenshot:   Interested? Contact Me

Twitter Streaming with OAUTH Integration for FiverrScript based Sites

Twitter has made changes to its public status API and those are not allowed with old scripts/snippets to fetch user’s timeline / search based on the twitter username or mentions. So, I can integrate with OAUTH for twitter streaming with 2 options as of now. 1. Streaming can be done on search basis. 2. Streaming can be done on user’s timeline basis. Both options have been coded and you can manually edit and use the required one. Beautiful and simple design. Your Twitter Profile URL, image and latest news will be shown. Refer the screenshot below.  Screenshot   Want to … Continue reading

Auto Tweet Module Update

Most of you who are using this module should not be automatically tweeting your site’s gigs. So i have just made a small bug fix for this. Those who have bought Gigs Auto Tweeting Module for FiverrScript based sites, please update else your gig is not being tweeted. Contact me for auto tweet update. Subscribe to New Updated Modules Category to instantly get notified via RSS    

Ajax / Modal Contact Form

This is the contact form used with ajax features which pops up on the same window and form gets processed with in the pop up window. No deviation at all. Features: Popup Contact Form. Form Process through Ajax. Form process on same popup window. Error and success message on the same page. Contact form data gets saved in the mysql database. Email to predefined admin email. Contact form data can be fetched at admin panel. Free Support, Updates and Installation. Screenshot   Want to have this modification on your micro job site? Contact Me